The Wind Maiden

No Matter How Fast You Are, Some Things You Can’t Outrun…

Thea loves to run.

Theadne Adir has a gift for speed. It’s the seventeen-year-old’s ticket off Qalon, the war-torn, dust-bowl of a planet she calls home. When she’s a star – track sports are big in the Sarall Supremacy – she can finally pamper her hard-working mom and get her little brother, Joss, the medical care he desperately needs.

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When the Supremacy’s war kills Thea’s plans, her way out is shut until a chance encounter leads Thea on a race out of her scarred but familiar life and into the arms of an enemy not at all what they seem. With the help of an alien prince and some unlikely allies, Thea finds herself running not for medals, but for the future of Qalon and the soul of a downtrodden people.

From a theater’s catacombs to a nightmarish wilderness to the top of the tallest building on the planet, the struggle for Qalon coincides with Thea’s own struggle to accept that the lie her teacher told her just might be true: that she – Theadne Adir – is the living incarnation of Qalon’s greatest legend, the Wind Maiden.

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